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An inaugural event

"Goals with Soul" Weekend Retreat

our first retreat was held december 2017 in austin, texas

We created a sacred space designed to set soul-focused and intentional strategic goals in 2018. We worked together to align our heart, business, and intentions through meditation, workshops, and a guided strategic planning process.

Together, our group of women elevated the conversation around whole life wellness, sober lifestyles, and creating social impact. Below are a few highlights of the retreat taken by our friend, Mitch Frink of Mitch Frink Photography. More photos can be found on the gallery page.  


Did you miss the retreat but want to join the conversation?

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Schedule of Events

& Workshops

here is a sample of what our first retreat included

Your business and brand are the vision of your heart. For years, you’ve dreamt and strategized about impacting your community with passion and fierceness. You've launched that #girlboss effort and found yourself celebrating success – but maybe you’re also feeling overwhelm and burnout. That’s OK – and totally normal. Running a business – and launching a brand -- is not easy. As women we are constantly challenged by finding the flow which speaks to our soul. This is where we come in. PinkCloud Collective is a community event for women just like you to connect, cultivate heart-centered strategy, and set intention together for 2018! 

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& Connect

our first retreat was filled with delicious goodies for each attendee! our pinkcloud collective tribe loved it all!

Connecting you with concepts and approaches to social impact is a priority for PinkCloud Collective. We want to ensure an opportunity to cultivate deeply-rooted connection with your retreat sisters. PinkCloud Collective is more than one weekend. Your experience begins this moment - today - and continues through an online community of fellow retreat #girlbosses (aka attendees). We are a collective of ladies made by and for you. Check out all the incredible opportunities available through the "Setting Goals with Soul for 2018" retreat weekend pass...


Want to know what was included in our first-ever PinkCloud retreat?



Welcome email

Upon registration, you'll receive a welcome email packed with goodies! We'll start by discussing the retreat details and help you define how to make the most of your experience. Travel planning options are available and all the details of what to wear, how to pack, and expectations will be shared as we get closer to the weekend. We even have Pinterest boards curated for each day’s activities!  Your welcome email will also include access to the private Facebook group. Stay tuned there and your email for future digital downloads and other goodies!

online community

 We believe in connection! Your retreat pass comes with access to a secret Facebook group where we'll provide you with weekly prompts preparing us for the weekend! Topics include building an online presence, strategic planning basics, learning the art of story-telling, and so much more. The online community will encourage engagement and will be an exciting way to connect with your fellow #girlbosses in advance of arrival to Austin. We are here to connect, cultivate our community of badass ladies, and learn from each other!

swag never looked so savvy

Curated by Kimber and especially for you, this "swag" bag has it all! We've loaded this goodie gift with tons of tools and treats to make your soul sing. From a book on learning to tell your business story with impact to the most delicious incense you've ever smelled and including a few beauty products to use on those days you really need self-care...our "swag" bag is sure to delight. The total value of all goods is $97 making the retreat pass an even more affordable and impactful purchase for you and your business.


head shots + Collateral 

PinkCloud Collective has hired a photographer to come play with us during our weekend retreat! The photographer will visit the event, taking photos of the action, and we will be giving you digital copies of all the great memories collected. These memories can be used on your own social media, websites, etc. for promotional purposes or just to talk about your experiences. We will also be offering you a chance to get a new headshot! Each #sisterboss will be given one digital headshot via email after the event to use for your online portfolio and work!




Austin, Texas

we lined up a spectacular modern home in austin, texas for our first retreat...

Then, the unthinkable call came to Kimber the day before kickoff! Our accommodation had been sprayed by a family of skunks and we had to find another solution! I'm not at all joking! Our urban retreat home was no longer available but the PinkCloud Collective did what we do best and used those savvy entrepreneur skills to work our magic! Our new location was called the "Spanish Castle" and was twice the size with no extra cost. That's how we roll!

You can see photos of our (updated) location from the inaugural retreat on the gallery page. All our photos were taken by the ever-so-talented Mitch Frink of Mitch Frink Photography #Girlbosses bonded and collaborated with each other as we set goals with soul for 2018. It was a magical time we can't wait to see you at the next retreat. Details coming soon...

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Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.
— Sarah Blakely

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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ's #1:

The schedule is posted but I don't see who is leading each session? Do you have a list of panel members, guests, or leaders of this retreat?

Great question! While I've been honing my skills for more than ten years in event planning and strategy, the decision to host this retreat occurred just two weeks ago! Sometimes, the heart calls and you just have to JUMP! My background in consulting, digital marketing, event planning, and strategic planning over the years has equipped me to create this special experience just for you. Consider this retreat weekend the culmination of creative vision and burning desire! Your heart + soul work matters to me. Details, as they become available, will be shared within the secret Facebook group as we approach the weekend. Access to that group will be emailed to you immediately after pass purchase. I'll do my best to find the best for our work - I promise!

FAQ's #2:

Scholarships are available. Can you tell me more about those opportunities and whether I qualify?

Yes, we have scholarships for four women who are emerging leaders in the space. The scholarship information can be obtained by emailing Our entire group totals just 14 (including the four scholarship spots). The scholarships will cover the cost of the retreat expense but do not cover travel expenses. We are looking for women (or people who identify as feminine) with existing businesses or brands. It is imperative that each of with the ability to pay our way do so, because by registering, you’ll be helping emerging women in heart-centered business attend this powerful and magical weekend. I urge you to truly consider your need and your means prior to applying. We must all invest and sacrifice to empower others. Scholarship opportunities close on November 17th.

FAQ's #3:

What is included in the price of the retreat? Do we get food? How about stuff after the retreat? And, did I hear something about a SWAG bag?

OK, let's start with the magic of the SWAG bag. Each retreat participant will take home a bag stocked full of goodies related to the theme of our retreat {total value = $97}. You don't want to miss this!

Your retreat pass purchase includes the following:

  • Travel to/from the airport for all arriving to Austin-Bergstrom Airport between 11am and 3pm Friday, December 8th, 2017.

  • Accommodations for the nights of Friday, December 8th and Saturday, December 9th, 2017.

  • Snack, Beverages, and Dinner prepared by Chef Tim Little on Friday, December 8th || Snacks, Beverages, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday, December 9th || Snack, Beverages, and Brunch on Sunday, December 10th.

  • Pre-retreat weekly emails with optional activity worksheets to increase the effectiveness of our weekend activities! We will walk you through the exercises with video posts on our secret Facebook group and offer weekly conference calls for anyone interested in getting to know one another before we arrive.

  • Post-retreat support and community building through our Facebook group, weekly emails, and future trainings, workshops, and/or other tools requested by PinkCloud Collective. All post-retreat activity is, of course, optional.


Workshops Overview

here are a list of workshops you can expect to see in the community for 2018

Intention Setting: The Magic of Spiritual Guidance

Goals with Soul Session

Power Women Panel: Elevating the Conversation

Diversity + Inclusion Panel: Stop Talking and Start Doing, with Help From Our Friends

Stand Up + Share Session: Built By You, For You

and so much more...



The "B" word: Budgeting

Look, we know the "B" word can feel ugly and uncomfortable. But, it exists. Let us help you navigate the murky waters of streamlining those scary money conversations into business savvy experiences. Budgeting tools and apps are paving a new road for women in business! We are here to help you find a path that works for you.


Social Media

take that strategy to social!

Now that you're thinking about the overall strategy of your business or brand, you’ll need to transition that energy online to your social media presence. Learn the value of your intentional strategic plan’s ability to craft an online marketing calendar in your best interest. Tweet with soul, blog with heart, pin with power, and ‘gram with grit. Break the rules in this session! It's your time...stop letting your business social media needs eat your lunch!


Brand to Business

my vision needs a revenue stream: help!

All too often we find ourselves giving up the goods with no payment in return. We give because we care. We support the causes! But, guess what? It's not only OK to get paid -- you deserve to get paid! Want some new ideas on how you can take your awesome brand and ideas to the next level? How about turning a side hustle into a full-time gig? This session will arm you with resources, support, and an action plan to greatness!

like a boss.jpg

Overcoming Obstacles

when nothing is right, but you don't quit

How to keep going when the obstacles are mounting a full-frontal assault is mission-critical to feminine entrepreneurs. Don't worry; it is possible to overcome and #nevergiveup! Our session will give you permission to slow down when needed and step it up when duty calls. We will give you what you need and then set you on a path to knowing your own limits.



no one told you it would be this hard!?

When you’re at the helm of your own ship, it’s easy to feel drained of time, energy, and mental space. It can feel isolating and not just for us but for those we love. Sticking with the plan while finding time to address the what's happening around you is hard. We talk, in this session, about our shared experiences and ideas on how to put our oxygen masks on first before helping our loved ones.



transparency from the stage

Does your brand bring out your best qualities? Is your business a reflection of what your soul deeply desires for your life? How are you feeling about sharing these ideas and your strategy in a boardroom? These are topics covered in our storytelling session. You’ll get the tips and tricks to re-tell your story with panache!