PinkCloud Collective

Welcome to PinkCloud Collective, a space made for you. 

Building a brand, launching a site, and growing a business all while staying true to the causes you care about is one largely beautiful (and, let’s be honest -  sometimes overwhelming) task. Learning to navigate the world of non-profits and social impact while developing a culture where whole life wellness matters can be daunting. You want your brand and business to represent your soul.

This is where the PinkCloud Collective serves you best. Trust me, I get it – I’m right beside you on this journey. PinkCloud Collective originated while working in the social impact sphere meeting passionate, dedicated, and delightful women just like you. I've personally and professionally learned the cost we endure to manage, own, and support the work of our local and national causes. I've traveled the country (49 states to be exact – just one more!) and learned my desire to connect with women like you is a shared desire among us us all. Earlier this year, I heard – loud and clear - the calling of your voices. You want (no need) to connect with other women doing similar work with the same disciplined passion! Here is our chance. Because, together and united our voices and soul-work are amplified. Do you believe you can increase your impact without "doing" anything more?

The answer is YES.

Your voice and your soul-work is created by you and absolutely no one else in the world can replicate what you do! PinkCloud Collective is here to elevate your vision! By joining together to support the work of other leading ladies around the country we are amplifying the greatest gifts we each have to give. Together with me and other fierce, feminine souls we will embark on a journey of raising the work while demanding opportunity.

Are you with us?

We've hosted our first weekend retreat and called it "Goals with Soul". WOW, what an incredible experience the weekend was for all of us! We gathered and learned together while building a bond of support for the social impact work we do. Our next retreat has not been scheduled but you can still join us for the collective unity.


Below are a few highlights of my work and experiences over recent years. PinkCloud Collective will provide an opportunity for me to share these experiences with you, connect you to technical and soul-filled resources, and cultivate the community you crave. Abundance. Inspire. Curate. Power. These are the words which move me.

xoxo, Kimber


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

"I've always run my businesses and led organizations from a place of abundance. We cannot see each other as competition when we view every woman as individual creatures with specific gifts to share. Love each other up, elevate the fear to a place of trust, and believe we can all succeed. There’s enough room for all of us to do this magical work. Abundance of faith, discipline, and dedication to outcome-based impact has led me to success and it will lead you there too!." ~Kimber

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my work


Consulting and advocacy agency for recovery-oriented business, non-profits, and social impact entrepreneurs.



Advocacy and action national organization working to promote "Recovery Ready Communities" across the US, especially among young adults.


senior program director, bcfs health & human services

Global system of services for transitional age young adults (18-25).


a little more about me

National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit 2017, atlanta: presenter

New England Institute of Addiction Studies, boston: plenary speaker

state of reform conference, austin: panel member

texas nursing association annual conference, kerrville: presenter

recovery day at the capitol 2017, Austin: planning organization + presenter

CADCA National Conference, washington dc: speaker

samhsa recovery month planning partner, washington dc: member

rise together national advisory board, wisconsin: member

Texas Alliance for Adolescent Recovery and Treatment, statewide: stakeholder panel member

Mississippi Pubic Defenders Conference, jackson: speaker, presenter